Riddles / Elia Abu Madi







Elia Abu Madi (1889 or 1890 – 23 November 1957) was an Arab-American poet.

I came,

Not knowing

My feet saw the way,

And I walked there,

And I shall continue

Whether I so desire or not.

How did I come?

How see the path?

I know not.

Old or new,

Is this existence?

Am I free?

Or fettered?

Do I lead myself

Or I am led?

I wish I knew.

I do not.

And my path-

What is it?

Long or short?

Am I ascending or descending

And sinking deeper?

Is it I who travel Along this path?

Or are we two stopped

And time that moves?

I do not know

Would that I knew!

While in the safe and unseen

Did I know, think you?

Think you

That before I was born a man

I was nothing

Or was I something?

Is there an answer

To this riddle?

Or must it be forever


I do not know;

And why I do not know

I know not

Translated by : Andrew Ghareeb